Tung Wah Group of Hospitals is a company that provides a range of funeral services. The target audience would vary from adults to seniors. The key component of this website is picture-oriented where visual is the main focus of this website. The layout and function of the website would be user-friendly because there customers are might not be familiar with website usage.



Tung Wah has branches all over Hong Kong, so there will be a lot of places for customers to choose from. The website contains a banner program where people could scroll down the page and see the view of the company in high-resolution.



CMS Ready!

Content Management System (CMS) has the ability to self-update texts and photos. For every website, clients will have an admin page with username and password to access to the html pages to edit photos and texts. Besides changing texts, picture enlargement is one of the strengths so people can have a better view when visiting a website.



One of Tung Wah’s target audiences are seniors. In one of the sections, we listed the specification of each services in point form. This allows potential customers to look at the details of the services and will able to decide which service suits them the most.




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