Cake & Bread

Simply Splendid Bakery - The bakery is professional at making western style cake and bread. Simplicity is the theme of the bakery store because other bakery industry is leaning towards baking fancy breads. They want to follow a different trend so they will attract certain customers. The target of audience is the working class or students where they won’t have enough time for breakfast. The type of bread is more towards the western side but it has some Chinese cuisine flavors.



Design Concept

Chinese style bread and cakes is the main products from this store. The owner of the bakery is superstitious, so they want to include "feng shui" in the logo design. Having a knife shape in the company name produces the "feng shui" effect of bringing good fortune to their company.



Simply Splendid Bakery wants a new logo to create a new image. The theme of the logo focuses on simplicity. Using bright colors is one of the themes of the logo design. Using a different set of colors will enable customers to choose which patterns they like the most.




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