Inline Hockey

In 2012, YMCA King’s Park Centenary Centre (KPCC) approached ONNO to revamp their website. They organize both the youth and adult Inline Hockey in Hong Kong. This website serves to inform both players and instructors on the scores of various teams and the ranking of each.



Because of the frequent use of admin to update scores and rankings, it is essential that the programs are user friendly.


Strong Sense of Consistency

There are two main colors used for this design, both of which are found in their logo. By doing so, it creates a strong sense of consistency, promoting the creation of a bond between the organization and the website/color.



We used both a drop down men and a submenu to promote our user friendly interface.

One of the key emphases we put into this website are our programs catered to their needs. Since updating, recording and adding scores is an integral part of their website, we take that into consideration when developing their website and developed a program reflecting their daily needs.




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