Treatment & Care

The International Confederation of Childhood Cancer (ICCCPO) is an organization that helps children that diagnosed with cancer. The company’s main goal is to improve the best possible treatment and care for children with cancer everywhere in the world. People around the world always have an idea that cancer will only happened to adults, which is not the case. To provide assistance, ICCCPO will setup events to increase people knowledge of children diagnosed with cancer.



Annual Report

As a design house, ONNO designs a "brand identity" where it includes leaflet and annual report. Our designer use pictures as a main focus so people won’t be bored as they are reading through the annual report. The front page would be what ICCCPO want to emphasis on the annual report. Our idea is we want the cover to be based on pictures so readers won’t be bored.



The design style for the leaflet is divided into three sections. By following the pie-chart and font color, readers will be clear of which section they are reading. It will be easier for people to see because each color represents each section.




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