Professional Logo Design

FSB Group Limited - A newly established financial recruitment firm has approached ONNO to help brand their company. We understand the importance in having a professional logo design in order to provide the customers with a sense of security. It is also equally as essential to have a unique yet simple logo for our audience to remember. ONNO did just the thing!



Logo Diversification

Our designers are committed to giving our clients 100% of their creativity and efforts. We came up with different logo designs, all with a message that our clients wishes to convey to his audience. After multiple meetings and discussion, our client has settled on a logo that best represents his company.



F, S & B

This logo design emphasizes on simplicity. It has a unique logo combined by three alphabets: F for financial, S for Services and B for banking. The font style Garamond has a long history behind it. It is this history that brings out the sense of professionalism in the logo. The color navy represents knowledge, power and integrity. These are the very qualities that a recruitment firm possesses.




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