Spread the Good Message

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong is a Christian church that wishes to help the community by building churches, schools, and social service projects. ELCHK wants to spread the message of Gospel’s philosophy and hope the community would benefit from it. They served their community by building community centers and development projects to improve the community as a better place.




The designer uses the pictures the ELCHK staff members took in some of their events as the main focus. The booklet is to show people what events are included in ELCHK. The photos create a cheerful environment where everything will be accomplished as a unit.



More Photos Less Text

The designer wants to use more photos and less text for this booklet. Happiness is one of the messages the book wants to deliver. For most of the colors the book used are bright colors which the book wants to create a joyful feeling. There are a lot of positives from the booklet such as the words that will give people extra motivation to succeed.




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